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Spring Maintenance & Repair for your Irrigation System

Spring Maintenance & Repair for your Irrigation System

By on May 17, 2019 in Plumbing Blog |

In-ground sprinkler systems have become increasingly popular in our Okanagan climate, affording homeowners beautiful, lush lawns through the convenience of regularly scheduled irrigation intervals. Irrigation systems are a great solution for otherwise drier areas where rain accumulation is unpredictable, and temperatures can occasionally soar beyond 40c.

Regular maintenance and inspection of your irrigation system components, such as distribution lines, valve boxes, sprinkler heads and the operational settings of your system control panel, can help avoid costly repairs. Defective underground lines or sprinkler heads can lead to potentially more severe problems if left unchecked. Look for early symptoms such as:

  • Dry or rotted lawns and landscaping caused by a lack of water or excess water
  • Sudden increases in water usage bills
  • Obvious moisture damage to exterior areas of buildings

Professional Inspection and Repair

Problems with your irrigation system could be as simple as a clogged sprinkler head, or in more severe cases, broken underground distribution lines; therefore it’s beneficial to have any potential problem areas inspected by a professional.

If you’re noticing signs of wear & tear on your sprinkler system, avoid costly repairs to your property with a maintenance and repair visit by the pros at Rite Tech. We have the skills and tools to expertly assess your irrigation lines from start to finish, and to complete any repairs before further damage can be done.

24/7 Service For All of Your Plumbing Needs

Many homeowners discover potential problems when their irrigation system is first activated for the spring season. Leaky valves and broken distribution lines are often initial problem signs you may discover at the start of irrigation season. Give the experts at Rite Tech a call – we are happy to provide our customers with prompt, reliable service around the clock.