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Irrigation Repair

Looking for irrigation repair or service? Some Kelowna neighborhoods have endless, fanatically manicured lawns. These beautiful lawns aren’t easy to come by in our naturally dry climate. Homeowners spend a lot of time mowing, weeding and trimming, in order to maintain their lawn’s lush and natural beauty. Many homeowners utilize the convenience of automation, which helps provide consistent and early morning watering. Irrigation systems are definitely one of the secrets behind having a beautiful lawn, as temperatures can easily soar beyond 40c in summer months, and Kelowna areas can experience weeks without any precipitation.

Irrigation Line Problems

When your irrigation system breaks down, it can pose an immediate threat to the health and well being of your lawn. Irrigation systems that do not function properly and efficiently, may also dramatically impact your monthly utility bill. You may need someone to assist with irrigation repair quickly, as time is of the essence, particularly in the peak of summer months. Plumbers are typically well trained for this type of issue and can effectively troubleshoot and repair your irrigation system in very little time, ensuring your beautiful lawns stays protected from Kelowna’s hot summers.

Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation repairs are typically a straightforward process; however, troubleshooting and identifying the problems in water distribution lines can be very challenging. Among the most common problems with irrigation systems are sprinkler heads that can become clogged or damaged, leaking or broken pipes, or design problems that can lead to over spraying and a significant amount of wasted water.


Symptoms of irrigation line problems may include partial or complete loss of water pressure to any (or all) distribution heads; including areas that can be completely dry, or you may even find the exact opposite with flooding or areas with heavily pooled water. These problems can be caused by a long list of issues, but most common causes are:

  • Sprinkler head failure, blockages or leaks
  • Electronic relay problems, pertaining to your system controller
  • Crushed, breached or corroded pipes, can be caused by tree roots

Irrigation Trouble Shooting

Sprinklers that become clogged are usually the result of trapped dirt or debris in the nozzle area, and as a result, little or no water is able to escape while the irrigation system is running. Inspect the nozzle head and see if you can easily remove and rinse out the filter. Typically, a quick cleaning is all you’ll need to resolve this issue.

Other issues with irrigation systems include sprinkler leaks, which significantly impact the efficiency of your entire distribution system. Typically these leaks can be caused by natural age, causing seals to wear down, or through lawn mowing or related maintenance equipment that comes into contact with the sprinkler head. A basic repair can be carried out by simply replacing the seal of the sprinkler head, while advanced problems with the rotor and mechanism may create the need to replace the entire head.

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