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Plumber’s Tips for Buying a New Home

By January 15, 2018August 21st, 2020No Comments

House hunting can be a fun and exciting venture, whether as a first time home buyer or a well-seasoned purchaser. While making sure that the home fits your needs for size, comfort and location, consider adding some basic plumbing checks to your inspection list as well. Plumbing problems are often overlooked in the process of selecting a new home, but can result in property damage and costly repairs if they go undetected.

To help you make an informed decision on this large capital expenditure, we’ve put together a few tips to help make sure your new move doesn’t come with any plumbing surprises.

Check the flow of your drains:

Don’t be shy to go around the house and try out every faucet and toilet.

• Make sure toilets flush easily and drain completely, and that there’s no water or signs of leakage around the base of the toilet as well.
• Fill each sink with water and then allow it to drain. Watch for slow moving drains that could be a sign of a blockage somewhere down the line.

Inspect pipes:

If you see old lead pipes, be aware that these must be replaced and that there is a great possibility for leaks somewhere in or around your home.

Take a look at your water heater:

Make sure there are no signs of corrosion, that the unit isn’t too old and that there is no obvious damage or leakage.

Inspect your sewer drain:

If you see signs of previous water issues around your drain, or there is standing water in your sewer, be sure to hire a professional for a camera inspection to rule out cracked pipes or other potentially expensive repairs.

Look for signs of water damage:

Check for water damage under or around any existing plumbing. A damaged dining room ceiling could indicate prior flooding in the upstairs bathroom.

Don’t hesitate to call in a pro:

Your house is one of the biggest investments of your life. Don’t leave it to chance. Hiring a qualified plumber to inspect your home will help you to make a sound home buying decision.