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Summer Plumbing Tips

By May 15, 2015August 21st, 2020No Comments

Usually when we’re talking about seasonal plumbing tips, we’re telling you how to manage the pitfalls of winter. Frozen pipes are a big issue for many homeowners, but that’s not much of a problem in the heat of summer, especially not with the beautiful summers we have here in Kelowna!

However, there are still a few special considerations for your home’s plumbing system in the summer. Read on to make sure rain on the annual backyard BBQ party is your biggest challenge with water this season.

Keep an Eye on Water Usage

From watering the garden to filling the inflatable pool, there’s a lot of extra water usage in the summertime. Right now, before we’re at the height of the season, is the best time to inspect your household appliances for any signs of wear and tear. Have a look at your bills to examine the year-over-year water consumption for clues about a leak somewhere in the system. Something as simple as a running toilet can run up big bills over the course of a year.

Check the Sewer Lines

It has been a pretty wet spring in the Okanagan, which can lead to problems with tree roots and sewer lines. Be sure to contact a licensed plumber to inspect the lines around your house to makes sure they’re clear of obstructions.

Replace the Water Heater

Like most household appliances, water heaters wear over time. If it has been more than 10-15 years since you last upgraded your hot water heater, it may be time consider replacement. On the plus side, newer water heaters are much more efficient so you will gain some savings in hot water heating costs.

Turn Down the Hot Water Temperature

Speaking of your hot water heater, if you’re going away on an extended vacation this summer, consider turning down the temperature on the hot water heater. This will save help money and energy while you’re away.

While a little bit of prevention is always the best course of action, Rite Tech plumbing is always available to help in an emergency too. No matter what your plumbing needs are, call us at (250) 681-0089 and we’ll be on our way!