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Top Plumbing Issues in Old Homes

By March 15, 2021No Comments

Old homes can be excellent investments. They often are full of character and have a type of warmth and charm that can sometimes be missing in more recent builds. However, with older houses comes older plumbing, and there may be a few typical issues you may need to address to ensure your home stays in perfect working order.

Old/Outdated Pipe Materials

While the 1990s weren’t actually that long ago, any home built before then may have piping made with outdated materials that may no longer be up to code. Even older homes, however, may have pipes made from:

Lead: This is one of the oldest pipe materials used extensively as a solder additive in copper pipe fittings. As we now know, lead is highly toxic and is especially dangerous to young children.

Galvanized Pipe: This material was commonly used for water lines in homes that were built before 1960. Made of iron and coated in zinc, they are susceptible to corrosion and breakage. Often, in older homes, they are replaced in a piecemeal fashion, with intact portions left in place.

Polybutylene: Fashionable in the 1970s, these pipes originally came in to replace copper pipes and were used throughout the 1980s; however, they have since been found to become brittle, flake, and crack – potentially leading to leaks and water damage in homes.

Sewer Lines

Since sewer lines are buried and out of sight, not many of us give them much thought. However, older homes often have sewer lines that were never meant to handle modern amenities such as washing machines, garbage disposals, dishwashers, multiple bathrooms, and more. Mature lots may also have mature trees whose roots can disrupt sewer lines over time. That’s why, if you are a homeowner of an older house, it’s a good idea to check your sewage lines regularly.

Outdated Connections or Fixtures

Older homes often have older faucets and fixtures and supply line connections that may be reaching their end of life. Time will cause corrosion, and daily wear and tear will eventually lead to leaks or restricted water flow. Bringing in a plumber to check connections and swap out old fixtures can help ensure you have less expensive water issues further down the line.

DIY Fixes and Poorly Repaired Plumbing

Over time, every home sees its share of plumbers. As decades and various homeowners come and go, there are always plenty of opportunities for plumbing repairs. Whether homeowners are trying their hand at bathroom renovations or there has been a poorly installed water heater, the potential for water damage can accumulate.

Older homes need a little extra TLC. Don’t be afraid to get regular checkups on your plumbing and sewer lines. By putting the extra work ahead of time, you can nip problems in the bud to ensure your older home continues to bring you joy for decades to come.

If you are looking for effective ways to save money, protect your investment, or add value to your home before sale, we’re here to help. Do you have questions about our plumbing services and pricing? Call us today for a free estimate.