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Can You Fix a Hot Water Heater Without a Plumber?

By October 31, 2016August 21st, 2020No Comments


A broken hot water heater is one of those plumbing problems that can really sneak up on you. Unless it’s a large obstruction, a slow drain will get progressively worse, but a hot water heater can just stop working without warning. The timing and the cause of the problem will determine whether or not you need professional intervention.

Though it seems like a simple matter of getting a really pot to boil, hot water heater repair can be pretty complicated. Before you attempt a DIY hot water heater fix, learn the causes of common problems, and when you should absolutely call a Kelowna plumber for hot water heater repairs.


No Hot Water

When you have no hot water, it’s more than a little inconvenient. Showering, washing dishes and getting ready for work in the morning are impossible. It’s important to determine whether you have NO hot water, or if you don’t have enough to carry on with your daily routines.

When you don’t have enough hot water, build up in the tank may be to blame and flushing the hot water tank may help. It could also be a problem with the thermostat which may have been accidentally bumped to a lower temperature, so be sure to check the settings. However, if you have no hot water at all and you have already checked the settings, you need to call a plumber to investigate.


Noisy Hot Water Tank

If you notice an unusual sound coming from the hot water tank, it could be a simple matter of cleaning the heating elements to get things back to normal. If the thought of locating the heating elements and cleaning them fills you with dread, a quick call to a hot water heater expert can get the problem taken care of right away.


Hot Water Tank Leak

A leaking hot water tank should always be treated as a plumbing emergency. It may be a problem with a hose that connects to the tank, or with the tank itself. First and foremost, before you do anything else, cut the power to the hot water tank! The next step is turning off the water, followed closely by placing a call to a plumber.

Living without hot water isn’t something we’re accustomed to in the modern world, for a lot of excellent reasons. If the water temperature in your house is freezing you out, call us at (250) 681-0089 at any time of day or night. Our Kelowna plumbers are available for emergency plumbing repairs after hours.