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How To Identify and Repair Tree Root Damage in Your Pipes

By April 10, 2018August 21st, 2020No Comments

If your sewers or drains are backing up and your basement has become soggy, your favourite oak tree could very well be the culprit.  Tree roots naturally seek out water underground, and if your pipes happen to be the closest source of moisture, you could be in trouble.  Damage from tree roots can be very significant, especially in older neighbourhoods where pipes are often made of clay or concrete.  Roots can cause breakage, blockages and leaks – both inside your house and out – so it’s important to identify this problem and address it as soon as possible.

Camera Inspection

If you suspect that tree roots are causing a blockage in your pipes or drains, have an experienced plumber come in for a camera inspection.  We can investigate your lines and identify your problem quickly and easily with our state of the art equipment.  We will give you a comprehensive assessment and help you decide on next steps.

Chemical Solutions

You may find that a chemical solution is the right option for you.  Keep in mind there are several options available now that will clear your drains without damaging the trees.   Use these as an immediate solution for more minor issues, or as a regular maintenance routine a few times a year.  We would be happy to help you choose the product that is best for you.

Snake The Drain

If your root invasion is significant, professional plumbers have the right tools for clearing your pipes of debris.  This high powered “snake” is outfitted with rotating blades that cut through wood and leaves, and draw them back up the drain, without damage to your water and sewer lines.

Tree roots in drains are never fun, but addressing them as early as possible can save a bundle when compared to complete pipe replacements.  If you’re worried that your local maple or cedar may have invaded your plumbing, give us a call to set up an appointment right away.