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3 Signs of a Hidden Plumbing Emergency

By February 5, 2016August 21st, 2020No Comments
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Most of the time, the signs of a plumbing emergency are pretty obvious, like a sink that won’t drain or a toilet that won’t flush. But other times, the clues are a little more subtle. Though the effects are less immediately noticeable, some signs indicate a serious problem that requires the immediate attention of a Kelowna plumber.

So you can file them away in your mind for when you need them, here are three not-so-obvious signs of a plumbing emergency.

A River in the Road

In heavy rain conditions, it’s not uncommon for what appears to be a fast-running river to appear on the road towards the storm drains. But if you see this happening when conditions outside are perfectly dry, a broken water main is the most likely cause.

Signs of this problem also include a sudden drop in water pressure and water seeping in on your lawn or the sidewalk near your home.

Mysterious Lawn Puddles

If you see mysterious circles of water on your lawn, it’s probably not the work of aliens. The likely culprit is a problem with the sewer lines near your house, and for obvious reasons, you don’t want to let this one get out of hand. Other symptoms of this problem include stains on the basement floor, clogged drains and a tell-tale, decidedly unpleasant odour.

An Unexplained Increase in Water Consumption

If you notice a sudden spike in water consumption on your utility bills, and it can’t be explained by something like the extra laundry associated with houseguests, you may have a hidden leak somewhere in the plumbing system. A sudden drop in water pressure also generally accompanies this problem. Frequent culprits include running toilets in infrequently used parts of the house, and cracked pipes or supply lines that feed the exterior faucets and fixtures.


The challenges associated with a plumbing emergency run the gamut from mildly inconvenient to downright unsanitary. If any of these issues is causing a problem in your home, consider it a plumbing emergency. Call us at (250) 681-0089 right away. Don’t wait until any of these problems get worse, and trust us, if left unchecked they WILL get worse! We’re always happy to come to the rescue of homeowners all over Kelowna and the surrounding area.