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Avoid Disasters by Skipping These 4 DIY Plumbing #FAILS

By January 5, 2016August 21st, 2020No Comments
a plumber fixing a sink fixture

Everybody likes to do what they can to save money around the house. In some cases, this means attempting to fix an issue with the plumbing on your own. Listen, we actually encourage this practice. It is our belief that every homeowner should have a basic understanding of the major systems of their home.

BUT! When you’re attempting a DIY plumbing repair, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Using Fixtures as Furniture

You have no doubt seen the “shower caddy” systems that allow you to use the showerhead as a hangar for your soaps and shampoos. Using clamps to affix heavy objects to the bathroom fixtures is asking for trouble. If the showerhead starts to bend under the strain, DO NOT McGuyver a solution with duct tape and zip ties.

Forgetting How Things Go Back Together

Many is the time that we have gotten a call from a homeowner who has taken something apart and can’t remember how to put it back together. If you are disassembling something, lay the pieces out flat in the order they came apart. This doesn’t guarantee a fix to your problem, but it will help you if you need to pack everything up and head to the hardware store.

Not Turning Off the Water

There is no faster way to discover how much gunk gets caught in a sink trap than trying to repair something under that sink without turning off the water. Don’t feel too bad when this happens to you, it’s a mistake you generally only make once.

Using Chemicals to Drain Clogs

Some people swear by commercial drain preparations to remove clogs. We think that stuff is pretty scary, and it’s corrosive, which means it can eat away at plumbing components. Not to mention, if it doesn’t work, you’ve got toxic sludge to remove before repairs can be done. Stick to the conventional methods to unclog drains, even if that means calling in a professional.


If you have a DIY plumbing disaster on your hands in your Kelowna home, give us a call at (250) 681-0089. We will start work right away to get things flowing in the right direction again.